Reading and writing, although not very common in the 10th century, is a vital skill for any trained witch or wizard to have. Gwen Weasley and Cicero Crouch both teach reading and writing to the students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Reading and WritingEdit

Starting with the basics, students are taught their letters, and how to pronounce each letter. They then move on to small words, and progress to larger words and basic sentence structure.

Uses for readingEdit

  • Potions jars and bottles are labelled in order to differentiate between different ingredients, making it important to be able to read.
  • Study material may be given to read, especially concerning history, transfiguration and potions.
  • Notices will be placed on the wall of the dormitory, as well as announced by a student designated as a crier.

Uses for writingEdit

  • Non-practical exams and homework will require writing.